Up/Or Down!

Like you, we love the way hair shines, swings or holds its style! é SALON stylists are trained in the art of styling hair for formal functions or casual dinners with friends. From the ultimate in Up-styles to sexy blow dries, let the é SALON team create the perfect style for the event you are attending.

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  Blowdry Curls        Up
Lisa Vitale $75-$85 $90-$125 $120-$150
Jasmine Redstone $75-$85 $90-$125 $120-$150
Chi Chi Wei $75-$85 $90-$125 $120-$150
Kashia Ambrusch   $75-$85  $90-$125  $120-$150
Nikki Hazell $75-$85 $90-$125 $120-$150
Cassie Szwed   $65-$75  $90-$125